Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Reviews

A leaf vacuum mulcher is a 2 in 1 tool that has the ability to vacuum/mulch and blow leaves from any size yard. If you are looking for an electric leaf blower many people are opting for the commercial type as they are ideal for larger areas like big yards and school play areas.

A leaf blower mulcher will not only vacuum up leaves, it will also shred them into one bag for easy disposal, or if you are a keen gardener they can be used as a mulch for your flower beds.

Here is a quick list of the best selling Leaf Vacuum Mulchers and Leaf Blowers.

The Toro Blower Vac 51609 is one of the most stylish, effective and powerful outdoor tools to own. Its 3 in 1 design makes it one of the most versatile leaf blower vacuum mulcher in it’s class. The 12-Amp Electric Motor can create air speed up to 235 mph.

The Toro 51599 Ultra is one powerful leaf vacuum blower and is also a very popular with an average customer rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.com

husqvarna 125b
The Husqvarna 125b Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower is one of the best selling gas blower models on the market

The Worx wg500 TriVac is the leading outdoor leaf vacuum mulcher that will make the task of sweeping driveways a thing of the past. This is an excellent hand held vacuum cleaner. Using it is simple and after you have blown the leaves into a pile you flip the switch and you just suck them up into the durable collection bag.

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