How to Clean Your Carpet Using a Wet/Dry Vac

How to Clean Your Carpet Using a Wet/Dry Vac

wet/dry vacOne of the must have appliances in your home should be a wet/dry vac, and you will realize it’s usefulness from the very first use.

Another common name for a wet/dry vac is a shop vac. Depending on the horse power (hp) of the machine you buy it can suction up many household spillages including larger objects like screws and nails. The main reason why you should have one of these over a regular dry vacuum cleaner is that it can be used for both wet and dry spillages, so it is much more versatile.

It takes up no more space than a regular vacuum cleaner, but will prove to be much more useful. A popular use of the wet/dry vacs is for carpet cleaning. Many people use these to clean their carpets because they say it works as well as a carpet cleaning vac, so they don’t have to own both. Listed below are a couple of tips when us using a wet/dry vac to clean your carpet.

Food Spillage
As you are probably aware trying to clean up a food spill can be difficult when you don’t have the right tools. The main problem is that when food spills on to the carpet the tiny pieces of food crumbs or liquid get right into the actual carpet fibers. If you do not remove the liquid or food spill immediately, it will quickly start to grow bacteria and over time will smell and the smell is caused by the fungus spores being released into the air, which can cause allergies.

This is where the wet/dry vac comes into its own. Because of their powerful motors the suction power will get straight to work on the spill sucking up the debris into its tank. A good tip is after you have vacuumed up the worst of the spill, apply a carpet cleaning foam or spray to the area and work it into the fibers of the carpet. The foam is designed to act like a sponge and suck the spill out of the fibers so when has dried, vacuum the area again and the carpet will look and smell fresh and clean.

If you do not have any carpet foam to hand a natural alternative is to squeeze some lemon into warm water and dab the area with a sponge, then use your wet/dry vac to suck up the liquid. The lemon acts as a anti bacterial and will eliminate any future smell.

Liquid Spills
Liquid spills can be a nightmare to remove, but the key is to act fast. Drink spills are very common and can be very difficult to get rid of. First of all you need to remove any excess liquid. Acting fast in removing the excess liquid is key to prevent it from penetrating down into your carpet.

When you own a wet/dry vac you do not need to worry about trying to mop up the spill first, because it’s powerful suction power will eliminate the excess liquid in a jiffy. Unlike your old dry vacuum cleaner, the wet dry vac is always on hand regardless of whether the spillage is liquid or solid.

Getting The Carpet Dry
If your spill was a liquid, you may well have used water or a cleaning solution to eliminate and neutralize the spill, but what you are left with is a damp or wet carpet. Wet carpets are notoriously difficult to get dry and you can use towels to soak up the majority of the water, but the carpet will remain damp for a long time and will start to smell if there is not enough air flow in the room.

A wet/dry vac though can help solve this problem in just a matter of minutes. The wet/dry vac can suck up all the moisture and liquids and dry your carpet in no time. It will suck up 99% of the moisture in a matter of minutes. We did a test on a piece of carpet that we had previously just used towels and then we went over it with the wet/dry vac and the amount of liquid that it removed was amazing.

Its versatility makes it one of the most useful appliances to have in your home.Being without a wet/dry vac is liked being without your dishwasher.