How To Clean A Pond Using A Wet and Dry Vac

How To Clean A Pond Using A Wet and Dry Vac

Wet and dry vacKnowing how to clean a pond using a wet and dry vac will save you a lot of time and energy Trying to remove all the dead vegetation from the bottom without a wet and dry vac is very messy and it is very difficult to get rid of all the dead waste and pond water.

The first thing is Getting Prepared.

    • The first thing to do is to remove the pond life. Find an old tank or large bucket depending on how many fish you have and fill it with the water from your pond. Using the water from your pond is less stressful for the aquatic life and will be replaces into the clean water at the end.
    • If your pond does not have a hard surface around it, you will need to lay a piece of cardboard or thin plywood down to place the wet dry vac on.
    • If you are working in a small space, make sure you can still get access to your drain port to enable you to empty your wet and dry vac.
      Before you actually start suctioning the water, take out all the dead and dying vegetation from the pond as well as any other debris.
      If you have aquatic plants in your pond these will need to be removed as well, and put them in a shaded spot out of direct sunlight so that they will not dry out.
    • Get your hosepipe laid out and ready for when you come to re-fill your pond.
    • It is also a good idea to have a bucket of clean water handy so that you can clean the inside of your pond when the water has drained away.

Wet Dry Vacuums vs Pump To Remove The Water?

    • A good tip is to get rid of most of the water before you actually use your wet and dry vac. Most large wet dry vacuums will be able to remove all of the water, but this would mean constantly having to empty the tank, so a better solution is to connect your pond pump and attach either a piece of hose to the drain outlet and drain the water onto your plants or lawn. They will enjoy the drenching.

Now it’s Time To Use Your Wet and Dry Vac

    • As the water starts to drain away, the sides of your pond will become visible and will be covered in slime and grunge. Use this time and use your wet and dry vac to remove the slime. When the machine becomes full you will be alerted and it will stop working. Use the cardboard as a base if your wet and dry vac needs the top removed before you can empty the tank.

    • Keep an eye out for any small fish or pond life that may still be in your pond and place them in the bucket with the other fish.

When You Reach The Bottom…..

    • As you get closer to the bottom of the pond, the wet and dry vac will be suctioning up more debris and junk, so keep checking that the filter does not get clogged. If it does remove and clean as per the manufacturer instructions.
      Another good tip is to get an old scrubbing brush and lightly scrub the sides of the pond using the clean water from your bucket. You don’t have to get it immaculately clean only loosen the caked dirt and algae growth.

Refilling The Pond

    • When you are satisfied that your pond is clean, you can start to refill it using your hosepipe. When full reconnect the pump and start it to get the water circulating. Because tap water has chlorine in it you may need to apply an additive to the water prior to putting your fish and pond life back in. If you are unsure check with your local pond supplier for advice.

Wet Dry Vacuums make pond cleaning easy.